Practical information


  • After you have signed up in our system, you will receive an email with a username and a password. You will use that to log in and generate a contract. Send the contract to In the mail it is explained thoroughly how to generate the contract.

  • We have two ways for you to document your hours - either with timesheets or a terminal at the client, where you check in and out daily via your fingerprint. The way varies from client to client.
    If you are with a client that uses timesheets, please send your timesheets to + register your hours from your timesheet via your log-in to our website. This has to be done the same week you are out working, with Sunday midnight as deadline. When you approve the hours, you type in the red number from the timesheet, and the basic hours will be stated already. If your actual hours differ from the basic, you correct it and press "Gem foreløbige indtastninger" and press "Godkend denne uge".

  • If your hours are the same, you still have to press "Godkend uge", otherwise your approval won't be sent back to us.

  • Breaks has to be typed in by the 100's - 0,25 / 0,5 / 0,75 / 1,0.

  • The salary is paid every fortnight and is at your disposal Friday in uneven weeks. If you are working in week 1 + 2, the hours will be paid on Friday in week 3, following the same pattern all year.

  • Should sickness occur while you are booked in a temporary job, you have to call in sick on 7566 6060 as early as possible and always at least an hour before your shift starts. Never text or mail when calling in sick for work.

  • Remember to like our Facebook site, where we often post jobs and general information.

  • If you have questions about tax cards and salary, please send a mail to