Calling in sick

If you fall ill while you are out working for us, you have to call in sick on 7566 6060. It is of upmost importance that you call in in due time. The time depends on which shift you are booked: 

• If you work on dayshift, you have to call between 06.00-07.00. 

• If you work on eveningshift, you have to call between 08.00-13.00. 

• If you work on nightshift, you have to call between 08.00-15.00. 

Should you call later than the times stated above, the sickness has not been given in due time, and you will not receive sickpay for that day.

If you are sick for several days, you have to call in sick every day in the times stated.

You cannot call in sick via text or email. 

If you call in later than the stated times, it can worst case scenario be labelled as  

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us.