Flexible and efficient temporary staffing

Extra personnel in times of peak ensures your daily operations and results in a salary budget you can adjusted up- and downwards from day to day - increasing your company's competitiveness. 

Vikar DK A/S provides temporary staffing accordingly to your need; day to day, long-term temps in cases of maternity leave or long term illness, Try and Hire solutions or project contracts for several years.

We use cutting-edge IT-solutions, and we are the first agency in Denmark to use terminals for our temporary workers to check in and out on via finger touch. Through the terminals you have a constant overview of the coming and going timestamps on your temporary workers, approval of hours online, rapports on temporary hours used over a given time - and it eliminates the standard timesheets. You as a client do not pay for this system.


Vikar DK A/S - your provider from start to finish:


  • We continuously invite candidates for interviews, so competent personnel swiftly can start in your company
  • You solely pay for actual working hours and can terminate or prolong a temporary workers on a day-to-day notice
  • We are the temps employer and handle all administration (contract, salary, sick pay, social expenses and compliance of working agreements)
  • We have interviews with all temps, collect references and criminal records. We also perform relevant tests. 
  • We are your partner in mapping out the workers skills on long-term temp jobs and project contracts. We match the candidate to your companys working culture. 
  • We offer Try and Hire solutions, where the candidate starts as a temp with a permanent job in sight. This means you can get to know each other, and allows you more time to be sure your order book can support an extra salary expense.